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How to Use an Electric Plate Shearing Machine


An electric plate shearing machine can help you if you need to cut a lot of metal into smaller pieces. But it is important to learn how to use the machine so that you do not damage the metal and the machine can keep working properly.
Size of the plate which is cut off by the plate shearing machine

The shearing machine is a tool used to cut sheets of metal. It is made up of upper and lower blades that are made of high quality steel. During the cutting process, the upper blade crosses the lower blade to shear the sheet metal.

Before using the shearing machine, make sure it is properly aligned. This will ensure smooth operation of the equipment. Also, it should be checked for oil. If the shearing machine is damaged, repair it immediately.

There are many factors that affect the shearing force. For example, the thickness of the plate and the thickness of the shear plate play a major role. Usually, the best shear force is obtained when the gap between the upper and the lower blade is equal to or less than 10% of the thickness of the material to be sheared.
Blade clearance needs to be adjusted after long use of the shearing machine

After using a shearing machine for a long time, it is important to adjust the blade clearance. This will help you avoid damage to the shearing blades and ensure that they are sharp.

There are several ways to adjust the blade clearance. The most common method is to use the shearing machine’s cutting paper.

If you are cutting thick materials, the blades should be adjusted to keep the gap between the blades within a safe range. You should check the blade clearance at the end of each tooling cycle and at every tooling change.

It is also possible to use a feeler gauge. Be sure to clean the blades and the work area. Using the shears to cut paper can damage the edge of the blade.
Preda Machine’s machine blade uses 6Cr2Si material

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Hydraulic shearing machine

Hydraulic plate shearing machine is one kind of shearing equipment which uses hydraulic shears to control the orientation of the shearing bar. It is widely used in the light industry, automobile, shipbuilding and steel manufacturing.

The shearing force is applied to the metal sheet with various thicknesses. A smaller shear angle helps in reducing the distortion of the sheared sheet metal. However, the width of sheared sheet metal should not be less than six times the thickness of the plate.

Before using the shearing machine, the sheet metal should be tested. If the material is brittle, it should not be sheared.

The shear force is affected by many factors. For instance, the type of the material, the thickness of the sheet, the type of the clamping mechanism, the amount of material, the degree of blade gap and the strength of the shear.
Proper use of the shearing machine

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the electric plate shearing machine, you must follow the correct procedures. Using the proper techniques can help you avoid unnecessary injuries.

Before beginning work, the shears should be oiled and adjusted for proper clearance. This process can be done using the feeler gauge. Usually, the blade clearance should be between 5 and 7 percent of the thickness of the metal sheet.

For more accurate measurement, you should use a test shear plate. Then, you should adjust the clearance of the blade according to the thickness of the test shear plate.

Always clean your working area before and after work. A clean environment will minimize the risk of injury.

To ensure safe work, you should also pay attention to the brake and clutch. You should also check if the shears have an emergency stop button.

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