Best five Reasons You Must Have Multiple Account IDs on eBay

There is absolutely no difficulty with sellers (or buyers) having more than one particular eBay account ID so lengthy as all the accounts are kept in excellent standing and are employed appropriately.

Having far more than one account ID can absolutely be an gain when it will come to marketing on eBay for earnings, specifically if you are marketing items into many distinct niches.

Even when employing the superb search facilities on eBay, it is not possible for other eBay consumers to perform out no matter whether you have numerous accounts or a solitary account, eBay by themselves are the only kinds who know how a lot of accounts you have as they can website link them up employing your registered handle.

So, right here are the five reasons why you must consider opening multiple eBay IDs.

1. Give Much more Self-assurance To Purchasers

Enable us use the adhering to case in point: If you are selling child merchandise, and your eBay ID is john1972 would this give your purchaser the self-confidence to acquire? Yes, perhaps! But if you are marketing baby goods and your person ID is BabyGoodsUK or OnlineBabySupplies or some thing comparable, then this will encourage considerably a lot more confidence in your items. This is simply because your eBay ID is specific and tells the customer that you know precisely what you are carrying out, you know your goods and you are a specialist. If you are offering in more than one class or specialized niche routinely, then having multiple IDs will enable you to target your viewers with a much higher precision.

two. eBay Retailers / Merchants

If you have a number of eBay IDs, then you are in a position to open more than a single eBay store. You are only allowed 1 eBay store for every account so if you are offering into multiple niches, except if you categorise your merchandise correctly, this can seem a small messy. The ability to open up 1 eBay shop for every account solves this issue.


Obtaining a number of eBay IDs can aid you defend your suggestions. If you are regrettable enough to have a few of poor transactions and you get some negative comments, they will not impact all of your sales. It will only affect the eBay ID that the damaging seems on. You will nevertheless have exceptional feedback on your other account IDs and can transfer goods above if definitely needed.

4. Cross-Promotions

eBay has some brilliant instruments which allow you to cross-market other sellers goods in your listings and emails. If ebay block bidder use the cross-promotions function, you can cross-market your Personal things within your different eBay listings on each and every ID to carry additional visibility and revenue.

five. Purchasing on eBay to Resell

Lots of eBay sellers acquire things from eBay and then resell them straight absent for income on eBay! If this is the situation then it is essential to have independent buying and marketing accounts so that you can cover the products you have purchased in get to resell profitably. Customers will not know how much you obtained the product for at first this way.