We shall list some of the key factors when it comes to choosing the best animation studio to work with in Singapore. Factors involved in hiring the best animation studios are the same factors you would use when choosing to hire anyone for your company.

  • Why hire the studio

This is the first question to ask and very important. Hire an animation studio? You want to use an animation to get people to do other words; the animation is a vehicle for change. Getting someone to do something means he/she must remember what has been said and they must have an emotional response causing them to take action.

  • Portfolio, portfolio

Normally the first choice. Is there entertaining and work? Being effective means you must remember what has been said about the productive and you must have an emotional response causing you to take action.

  • The originality

The first purpose of an Ad is to communicate a message to get people to buy; the second purpose is to convey professionalism or the coolness originality. Is the sound and music original? Does the video have the beginning, middle and end? Is the content original? Are the transitions smooth? Are the animations smart? And are they witty?

  • The dramatic question

Dramatic question is simply what will happen next, in order to ask such a question, an animation needs to take the viewer on a jouney.That is a simple line that is easy to follow. Everyone wants to know what will happen next.

  • Price

Compare the studio price per second to the market place. Our animation studios in Singapore will gladly provide you with our competitor’s price, why? Because we believe our value for the dollar can’t be beat. Also when it comes to price, you don’t want the cheapest Art to represent your company. Just as anyone would not want to be the cheapest CEO to represent his/her company.