Toy Joy Backdoor Bouncer

The Toy Joy Backdoor Bouncer is a unisex anal probe presented in a translucent blue color; the toy is designed as a detachable device with two separate pieces that can be used with or without the attachment, it also has a firm but flexible build, and the ridged knobbly textured sleeve is clearly designed for extreme stimulations. The vibe can be used with or without the sleeve; and its powerful vibrations will definitely drive you wild. The Backdoor Bouncer is especially easy to use, just slick it up with a splash of a water-based lubricant, and slide it gently into your anus to enjoy its quivering sensations as the beaded sleeve sensually probes; and deliciously massages your anal canal, tantalizing you with surreal strokes that will have you writhing in pleasure as the backdoor bouncer thrills you senseless. The Toy Joy Backdoor Bouncer is a dual function pleasure device; and has other uses aside anal probing; it can also be a handy clitoral teaser for women, as well as a perfect prostate massager for men. This fantastic pleasure object is designed to please and tease in a very erotic manner. The Backdoor Bouncer measures 8 inches long, with the whole 8 inches insertable, it has a 1 inch diameter and a circumference of 3 inches. It comes in a clear blue case that lets you observe the inner workings of the control mechanism, Feather Ticklers and has a flexible form that makes maneuvering particularly easy; the toys vibration is superb with a soft quivering sensation, and the flexible anal sleeve is carefully produced with a soft jelly material. Abandon your senses to the erotically overpowering sweetness of this Toy Joy classic, it will stroke your clit senseless until you drip wet with your pussy juices, and tease your anal passageway with electrifying tickles to bring you to an explosive release.

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